Premium Shift - Universal Cable Set

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  • Stainless steel stranded shift cable using Nano-slick surface polishing results in ultra low-friction shifting performance without the use of coatings that may wear off
  • High performance compressionless outer casing designed for precise and effortless shifting
  • Fully lubricated inner housing liner reduces friction and enhances shift lever feel
  • Recommended for 11/12-speed drivetrains
  • Compatible with Shimano® and SRAM® shifting systems
  • 登山/公路共用
  • 變速
  • 外殼Lube
  • Shimano/SRAM
  • Polish內線
  • 3511.31101
  • 3511.31102
  • 3511.31103
  • 3511.31104
CompatibilityShimano® / SRAM®
Outer Casing
Outer Casing4mm Linear Lube (OSL 4.0)
Length: 3200mm
Inner Cable
Inner CableStainless-Nano Slick 1.1mm Cable (ISN 1.1mm)
Front: 1800mm
Rear: 2100mm
Parts2 x Sealed End Cap, Alloy/Black
8 x Open End Cap, Alloy/Black
6 x Cable Oring, Translucent (2 sets = 6 pcs)
2 x Frame Protector, Mini Translucent
2 x Cable Tip, 1.2mm, Alloy/Silver

Linear Shift Outer Casing OSL - 4.0mm

  • Ultra-low friction OSL Lube provides precise and effortless shifting performance
  • Lubricant is consistently distributed throughout the outer casing (and remains in the outer casing)
  • Fully lubricated liner reduces friction and enhances lever feel

Stainless Nano- Slick Shift Cable ISN - 1.1mm

  • Stainless Nano-polished, ultra-slick delivers incredibly accurate, smooth responses. it’s so critical to 11-12 speed drivetrains
  • Uncoated surface has nothing to flake off during installation or riding, it can be used with any outer casing and lubricant
  • Compatible with Shimano® and SRAM® road and mountain shift systems
  • 11 & 12 speed shifting systems recommended